If you are picking up glasses or contacts or need an adjustment, we will be offering curbside service.

For appointments:

  • We are sorry for these necessary Covid-19 inconveniences, but when you arrive at our office, please call us from the parking lot. We will proceed to check you in over the phone.
  • You will be asked questions regarding Covid-19 and other questions to verify and update your insurance and personal information for our records.
  • Please bring a pen with you to your appointment and wear a mask.
  • When you enter our office, your temperature will be taken with a non-touch thermometer and if your reading is 100.4 or above, you will be asked to reschedule. We will have hand sanitizer at the front door to use before you enter.
  • Be assured that we are taking every precaution recommended by the CDC and Department of Health to make your visit as safe as possible.
  • We have added an ozone/UV air purifying system to our HVAC unit to provide clean, fresh air for your visit.
  • After every patient leaves, the office is being sanitized for the next patient’s visit.
  • We would prefer if you would enter our office alone, but if you’re under 18 or require assistance, please only bring one other person if needed.
  • Please be punctual. We will do our best to stay on time.